Senior Citizens Plan

Intergenerational Programming

Libraries and recreation centers will offer age-diverse programming, and senior centers will be combined with elementary and middle schools, with seniors serving as a volunteer pool for the schools.

Decreasing Crimes Against Seniors

The police department will utilize a Community Advisory Council for Seniors to educate officers on senior-specific crimes like elder abuse and financial scams that pray on older residents.

Facilitating Volunteer Opportunities

Nick Mosby will centralize all volunteer opportunities for senior citizens, and utilize the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development to engage seniors in the volunteer opportunities.

Utilizing Seniors in City Government

Nick Mosby’s administration will develop peer-leadership training programs for senior citizens that incorporate them into outreach and constituent interaction for City government.

More Inclusive Employment

The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development will advise businesses on making work environments senior friendly, and package job opportunities for seniors that they can comfortably hold.

Improving Community Spaces for Seniors

Nick Mosby will require major residential and mixed-use developments to have on-site community space, and will co-locate city services onsite for new government housing complexes.

Improved Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Nick Mosby will increase the rate of EMS referrals to primary care providers, improve immunization rates for service providers who work with seniors, and expand senior access to immunizations.

The Health Department will expand training for seniors and service providers to seniors on fall prevention.

Nick Mosby will invest in the unit to improve policing of parole violators and retake offenders, a small number of whom commit the City’s violent crimes.

Utilizing Rowhomes for Lower-Income Seniors

Split-level subsidized housing will be offered, targeting middle-income professionals like teachers and nurses for upper floors, and lower-income seniors for lower floors.

Repairing and Modifying Seniors’ Homes

The Department of Housing and Community Development will work with HUBS to ensure seniors’ homes are in good repair, and to modify their homes to increase accessibility when mobility is an issue.

City Assistance for Quality of Life Chores

The Health Department will deliver services like laundry, groceries, and meal preparation for frail seniors.

More Senior Friendly Public Transportation

The stats officers are judged, paid, and promoted on the basis of must reflect a commitment to taking every crime seriously, walking the beat, and forming real relationships with residents.

Safer Public Spaces for Pedestrians

Complete Streets construction will shorten the length of crosswalks and increase pedestrian bridges, while longer crosswalk times and improved light cycles make streets safer, with larger print signs at intersections, increased signage in City parks, and safer surfaces that reduce slip and falls being installed.

Electronic Literacy Classes

Public libraries will expand electronic literacy classes for senior citizens.