Public Safety Plan

End Nondisclosure Agreements in Police Misconduct Cases

Baltimore is an outlier among America’s cities for requiring nondisclosure agreements in police misconduct settlements. Nick Mosby will improve transparency and respect victims’ rights by ending the practice.

Strengthen the Civilian Review Board

Nick Mosby will make the civilian review board more effective with changes like civilian led investigations before complaints are closed, allowing complaints online or anonymously, defined timelines for complaint review, and a public database of the board’s findings.

Get Body Cameras on Police Officers within 100 Days of Taking Office

Officers and residents are both protected by body cameras, because they record interactions leaving less room for speculation after the fact. They also encourage better behavior from both parties who know they are being recorded. Nick Mosby will deliver these benefits now.

Stabilization Centers to Break the Cycle of Addiction

Rather than arresting residents picked up for intoxication, creating barriers to rehabilitation for them, Nick Mosby will invest in stabilization centers that treat resident’s physical condition before connecting them with social services and secure housing.

Utilize Coppin State University to Train Baltimore’s Police Force

Nick Mosby will utilize the university’s state of the art police training center not just to provide officers better training, but to help build a relationship between them and the community they serve.

Reimburse Officer Tuition for Criminal Justice Degrees at Coppin State University

Nick Mosby will invest in officers willing to improve themselves and their ability to serve neighborhoods.

Use CitiStat to Target Violent Repeat Offenders

Nick Mosby will return CitiStat to its past strength, and use it to allow for targeted policing of Baltimore’s violent repeat offenders. This approach allows the City to police individuals, not communities, and deploy its resources more effectively.

Strengthen the Warrant Apprehension Unit

Nick Mosby will invest in the unit to improve policing of parole violators and retake offenders, a small number of whom commit the City’s violent crimes.

Advocate Truth in Sentencing for Violent Repeat Offenders

Those who repeatedly hurt Baltimore residents must be kept off the streets, and know they will be kept off the streets.

A Morbidity and Mortality Board for the Police Department

Whenever death or injury happens on the job, it should be investigated for wrongdoing doing and studied to see whether improvements can be made for future interactions.

A BaltimoreRising Program

Police officers should coordinate with City agencies to deliver quality of life services to Baltimore residents.

Restructure Police Statistics to Create True Community Policing

The stats officers are judged, paid, and promoted on the basis of must reflect a commitment to taking every crime seriously, walking the beat, and forming real relationships with residents.

Waive Property Tax for Police Officers living in Communities They Serve

Nick Mosby will invest in officers who invest in the City, incentivizing a stronger relationship between officers and the communities they serve.