Role Model

We need a leader who will govern with the next generation in mind, not the next election. As we build a 21st Century City, the children of today will play a major role tomorrow.

They Failed Us

How can we move in a new direction with the same old ideas? They failed you and they failed me too. I’ve had enough. It’s time for new ideas and new results.

Biography: Real Change for Baltimore

“As your next Mayor, I will train our police, create jobs and investment in our communities, and make a school system we can all be proud of. Old ideas and leaders haven’t worked so far, why would they now?”

24 Hour Campaign Day — WBAL Radio

Part 3 of Nick’s 24 Hour Campaign Day, March 2, 2016

A quick look at Nick’s visit to WBAL 1090 AM Radio to discuss and share his vision for a Better Baltimore.

24 Hour Campaign Day — Morning with the Girls

Part 2 of Nick’s 24 Hour Campaign Day, March 2, 2016

“The reason why I’m running is for my children. We need to provide the next generation with the best opportunities.”

24 Hour Campaign Day — Dunbar Unity Run

Part 1 of Nick’s 24 Hour Campaign Day, March 2, 2016

“‘Learn today, be tomorrow.’ Started my morning running and speaking with the Unity Running Club at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Baltimore City.”

Nick Mosby for Mayor: Barbershop

“When we talk about the negative things associated with Baltimore, we always focus on violent crime. But what we don’t talk about is all the wasted potential in our communities.”

Connect the Dots: A 15-Point Plan for Baltimore's Future

“If we’re ever going to connect the dots, from our corporate boardrooms, to our street corners. Between our schools and our vocational training centers. Between our community colleges and the employers of tomorrow. All of us will need to be part of that solution. That’s why we’re releasing a 15-point plan. To truly connect the dots and bring economic opportunity back to our City. To build a better Baltimore for all of our citizens. I have the new energy, the new ideas, and the experience to build a better Baltimore.”

Women for Nick Mosby

Women are the backbone of the community. Growing up in a small, 3-bedroom house with 6 women, I was surrounded by their strength, resolve, wisdom, and love. I shared a bedroom with my mother and my sister until the 8th grade. Those humble beginnings helped shape the man I am today. The tradition continues. I am still enveloped by the nurturing resilience, beauty, and love of my wife, my young daughters, my sister, and my 3 nieces.

Nick on Community

“Baltimore isn’t perfect, it’s got challenges. But with a little collective effort we can change our entire city.”

Nick on Family

“Growing up, my mother was my everything. She taught me how to throw a football. She taught me how to ride a bike. More than that she taught me about the value of giving back and the importance of following my dreams.”

New Energy and New Ideas for Baltimore

“I’m able to go into any boardroom, look at a problem, articulate a message and develop and execute a plan, but my uniqueness is that is that I can also go on any street corner and do the exact same thing. We need that type of transformative leader to connect those dots.”