In a Baltimore Sun editorial, Nick Mosby received high praise for his leadership on the crisis at the Public Housing Commission.

“City Councilman Nick Mosby, one of the Democrats running for mayor, put it well in his call Tuesday for Mr. Graziano’s resignation: “Our commissioner has been touring around the city for the past week acting as if he didn’t know that these conditions were deplorable.” Either Mr. Graziano knew how bad things were and was unable to address them or he was altogether clueless. Neither is good.” Click here for the complete article from The Baltimore Sun.

Nick released the following statement regarding Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano:

“We need new energy and new leadership to bring accountability and transparency back to city government. From the sex for repair allegations, firing of whistleblowers, mismanagement of funds, ubiquitous vacant housing and blight, and the deplorable conditions of our public housing units, we must demand better for our residents — and for that reason Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano should resign.  I’ve long worked with residents in my own district to help address many of these issues. If any of us had to live in squalor surrounded by mold and vermin, without heat or running water, we would demand the situation be treated with urgency.  We should afford our most vulnerable citizens that same dignity and respect.  We MUST demand better from our government.”

Momentum continues to grow for the Mosby campaign.