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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Media Contact:

Tiffany D. Cross


BALTIMORE, MD- Today Nick Mosby unveiled a 15 Point Plan for a Better Baltimore to improve the quality of life for the residents of Baltimore City and expand opportunity for our families through education and economic growth.  The 15-Point Plan is a comprehensive policy document that Connects the Dots between city services and city residents, the public and private sectors, public schools and vocational training centers, and community colleges and employment centers.
“The City of Baltimore is at a crossroads, and it will take everyone in our City to stand up and demand better for our City and demand more from our city government. Today, I’m unveiling a 15-Point Plan to build better Baltimore for our families and small businesses,” said Nick Mosby. “I have seen the best of Baltimore and the worst, but with New Energy and New Ideas, I believe we can forever change the trajectory of our City.”
The 15-Point Plan focuses broadly on Accountability & Government Reform, Healthy Neighborhoods & Public Safety, Connectivity & Transportation, Innovation & Public Education, and Economic Growth & Jobs.
“We must build not just to ensure we can outlast the moment, but to guarantee we thrive for years to come. Our present defines our future, and this campaign’s New Energy and New Ideas are the connection Baltimore needs to a better tomorrow.”