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Nick Mosby bills himself as new-age leader in Baltimore mayoral race

March 24, 2016, Baltimore Sun

Nick J. Mosby has recited his life story countless times along the campaign trail: He’s the son of a harried single mother, a former city public school student adrift in a struggling system, a family man who took a chance on a forsaken Baltimore neighborhood.

It’s a narrative that seems custom-made for the April 26 Democratic primary for mayor, an election which comes a year after the unrest that many believe will force Baltimore to address problems that have long divided it.

For that to happen, Mosby says a new generation of leader is needed.

Mosby, a City Councilman, was the first in his family to graduate from college. There, he met his future wife, Marilyn J. Mosby, the city’s state’s attorney. They purchased a vacant rowhouse in Reservoir Hill and Nick Mosby found success as an electrical engineer, according to the ad.


Nick Mosby releases first TV ad of his mayoral campaign

March 17, 2016, Baltimore Sun

Mayoral candidate Nick J. Mosby released his first television ad Thursday entitled, “Biography: Real Change for Baltimore.”

The ad tells Mosby’s personal story of growing up in Baltimore as the son of a single mother who went on to attend Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Tuskegee University.

Mosby, a City Councilman, was the first in his family to graduate from college. There, he met his future wife, Marilyn J. Mosby, the city’s state’s attorney. They purchased a vacant rowhouse in Reservoir Hill and Nick Mosby found success as an electrical engineer, according to the ad.

Roughly Speaking podcast: Nick Mosby on Baltimore's property tax

March 9, 2016, Baltimore Sun

This old house: Baltimore mayoral candidate Nick Mosby talks about the old rowhouse he and his wife, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, renovated in Reservoir Hill and relates it to his proposals for lowering the city’s property tax rate by 15 percent and for dealing with thousands of vacant properties.

Nick Mosby pledges better management of the city's bureacracy

March 8, 2016, City Paper

Councilman Nick Mosby‘s campaign headquarters is on the ground floor of the Clipper Mill. The old plank floors creak under high ceilings in an open room that looks like nothing so much as a starving artist’s loft, or a machine shop that closed a decade ago—or is getting ready to open, as soon as the new machines get here.

Mosby pitches himself as “the fixer.” An electrical engineer by trade, he’s got an eye for detail and systems analysis, and he doesn’t mind getting technical.

Instead of raising the minimum wage for city workers, Mosby proposes tax breaks for workers who live in the city. With the raise, he says, “a lot of the time that’s $15 [an hour] that’s going to Baltimore County, or Howard County.” The tax break would concentrate the economic impact within city limits, he says.

Mosby accuses Pugh of being 'bought' by BGE

February 22, 2016, Baltimore Sun

Mayoral candidate Nick J. Mosby is accusing one of his chief rivals, State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, of being “bought” by energy company Baltimore Gas & Electric.

“BGE is trying to buy this election,” Mosby, a City Councilman, wrote in an email to supporters. “And it looks like they’ve already bought Catherine Pugh.”

BGE is locked in a bitter dispute with city government over the cost of using the municipal conduit system. At the same time, the company is investing heavily in the campaign of state Pugh, who is running for mayor, The Sun reported over the weekend.

Mosby: Don't build a new jail on the same spot

February 18, 2016, Baltimore Sun

To those on the outside, the Baltimore City Detention Center sits like an abandoned fortification restricting economic growth and neighborhood revitalization and serves as a reminder that we place too high of a priority on locking up young African American men.

And now Gov. Larry Hogan is proposing to spend $480 million to tear down the current facility and rebuild the men’s prison in the exact same location (“Lawmakers dismayed college projects delayed to replace Baltimore’s jail,” Feb. 17).

Nick Mosby campaign faults Catherine Pugh

February 17, 2016, The Baltimore Sun

Mosby’s campaign spokeswoman Tiffany D. Cross faulted Pugh for “standing with Governor [Larry] Hogan in October after he killed Baltimore’s Red line” while the General Assembly’s Democratic leaders detailed plans this week to restrict the Republican governor’s power to decide what transportation projects to fund.

Nick Mosby Releases Economic Development and Transportation Plan for Baltimore

February 18, 2016

BALTIMORE, MD — This afternoon, as the only candidate to put forth a comprehensive plan for Baltimore’s future, Nick Mosby discussed his plans to put Baltimore back to work.

We need to create a functional 21st Century transportation system that is connected to jobs and economic centers of the future and that’s exactly what I will do as Mayor. And at the same time — we will have a Jobs First economic agenda to bring investment back to our City and put our people back to work in Baltimore.”  — Nick Mosby

Nick Mosby outlines housing plan for Baltimore mayoral campaign

February 11, 2016, Baltimore Sun

Baltimore mayoral candidate and City Councilman Nick J. Mosby released a wide-ranging housing plan Thursday with a strategy for combating lead paint, rapidly rehousing homeless and replacing the housing commissioner.

Mosby, who represents West Baltimore, said the city’s “failed policies and old ideas” have blocked progress. One part of his plan is for new zones — to be called Building on Leveraged Development, or BOLD zones — around neighborhood anchors to focus redevelopment efforts.

Nick Mosby Statement on MD Senate Overriding Gov. Hogan's Veto Restoring the Right for Felons to Vote

February 9, 2016

I applaud the Maryland Senate for overriding Gov. Larry Hogan’s vetoes of bills that restore the right to vote to felons still on parole and probation. As a society, we should never discourage our citizens from voting. People who have paid their debt to society deserve the opportunity to participate in civic engagement.

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance Endorses Nick Mosby

February 4, 2016

BALTIMORE, MD — Recognizing that Nick Mosby is the only candidate who has put forth sound solutions that will lead to lasting results for the citizens of Baltimore, the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA) endorsed Nick Mosby’s candidacy for Mayor.  As reported by The Afro the IMA “has historically been a significant endorsement in the quest to become the next mayor of Baltimore.”

Baltimore Sun Editorial Board: Mayor's race

January 25, 2016, Baltimore Sun

“Voters will go to the polls for the all-important Democratic primary in just over three months, but few of the candidates have produced anything approaching a platform for leading the city. Mr. Mosby is a notable exception, having released a 15-point plan for “connecting the dots” in Baltimore. Though many of the details remain to be fleshed out, it is commendable for its sweep, covering education, job creation, crime, transportation, government accountability and more. It also gives some hints as to the kinds of choices Mr. Mosby would make.”

A look at Sheila Dixon and Nick Mosby's crime plans

January 8, 2016, City Paper

When compared to Sheila Dixon’s hurried, abbreviated, shortsighted plan: “Mosby’s plan is more thorough. Professorial. It makes it clear that while leadership and direction come from City Hall, the work of improving Baltimore will come from every neighborhood and every resident.”

Baltimore Sun: Nick Mosby Releases Plan

January 5, 2016, Baltimore Sun

The West Baltimore councilman’s ’15-point Plan for Baltimore’s Future’ calls for reducing property taxes, equipping police officers with body and dashboard cameras, building recreation centers on vacant sites and eliminating the clause in police settlements that prevents brutality victims from speaking. “We can continue to look at this as just trying to develop initiatives or programs or projects, or we could really look forward to realizing a 21st-century city in Baltimore — and in 20 years, look back and say, ‘Today, we decided to develop a program that was going to put work back into a working-class city.’”

CNN: 9 Politicians to Watch

December 25, 2015, CNN

Baltimore will elect a new mayor in 2016, as its current boss, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, steps aside after tumultuous reign. Enter city councilor Nick Mosby, a Democrat who famously described the riots following the death in police custody of Freddie Gray as a plea for help from the city’s “hopeless children.


January 16, 2016

BALTIMORE, MD — Today Nick Mosby made it very clear that he is the only candidate in this race who has a clear and comprehensive plan to move the city forward.  At the Northwestern High School candidate’s forum, a stark contrast was drawn between failed practices of yesterday and solid solutions for tomorrow.


January 5, 2016

BALTIMORE, MD — Today Nick Mosby unveiled a 15 Point Plan for a Better Baltimore to improve the quality of life for the residents of Baltimore City and expand opportunity for our families through education and economic growth.  The 15-Point Plan is a comprehensive policy document that Connects the Dots between city services and city residents, the public and private sectors, public schools and vocational training centers, and community colleges and employment centers.

Baltimore mayoral candidate Nick Mosby releases 15-point crime plan

15 Point Plan for Baltimore

January 5, 2016, WBAL-TV

Baltimore mayoral candidate Nick Mosby unveiled Tuesday a 15-point plan to fight crime and improve the city.

“I don’t care if you live in Federal Hill, Cherry Hill or in my community, Reservoir Hill, this is one Baltimore, and if we come together, we can show the nation and world what revitalization is,” Mosby said.

Nick Mosby calls for property tax cuts, universal pre-K, police reform

January 5, 2016, Baltimore Sun

Mayoral candidate Nick J. Mosby unveiled his wide-ranging plan Tuesday to improve Baltimore by “connecting the dots” with new public safety proposals, universal pre-kindergarten and ideas to spur development on the east and west sides.

Mosby Unveils Plan To Improve City

Mosby 15 Point Plan

January 5, 2016, WYPR-FM

City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Nick Mosby released Tuesday his 15-point plan to improve the quality of life for Baltimore City residents and expand economic and educational opportunities.

Newsmakers: The Mosby family

WBAL Newsmakers: Mosby Family

December 20, 2015, WBAL-TV

Baltimore Newsmakers of 2015: Nick Mosby, a Baltimore City Councilman now seeks to lead the city as mayor. Mosby and his wife, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, talk about their role in city government and why they’re so dedicated to making Baltimore better.

Nick Mosby Joins C4 To Talk Reforms, Neighborhoods

December 21, 2015

Nick Mosby says Baltimore City needs a “comprehensive plan” to turn around impoverished neighborhoods.

The city councilman and mayoral candidate joined C4 in studio Monday and took calls from residents. He spoke of his own story of choosing what Baltimore neighborhood to live in with his family, which included then-law student and current State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, when the Mosby family moved to Baltimore.

Councilmen call for hearings into 'unconscionable' backlog of public housing repairs

November 16, 2015

Councilman Nick J. Mosby, a mayoral candidate, called for the council to investigate the problem, saying conditions in Baltimore public housing are “unconscionable.”

“The number of complexes and units with open work orders is astonishing,” Mosby said Monday. “These conditions would be deemed unacceptable by health standards for animals. We have got to do a better job.”


November 6, 2015

In a Baltimore Sun editorial, Nick Mosby received high praise for his leadership on the crisis at the Public Housing Commission.

“City Councilman Nick Mosby, one of the Democrats running for mayor, put it well in his call Tuesday for Mr. Graziano’s resignation…

Roughly Speaking: Mayoral candidate Nick Mosby

November 4, 2015, Baltimore Sun

Dan Rodricks interviews City Councilman Nick Mosby about growing up in Baltimore and his candidacy for mayor.


“We need new energy and new leadership to bring accountability and transparency back to city government. From the sex for repair allegations, firing of whistleblowers, mismanagement of funds, ubiquitous vacant housing and blight, and the deplorable conditions of our public housing units, we must demand better for our residents…

Councilman Nick Mosby calls for city housing commissioner to resign

November 3, 2015, WBAL-TV

“Our commissioner has been touring around the city the past week acting like he didn’t know these conditions were deplorable, acting like he didn’t know of the allegations, acting as if he was unaware of what we expected Baltimore City residents to live in,” Mosby told reporters after touring Latrobe Homes.

Councilman Mosby calls for Graziano's resignation

November 3, 2015, Baltimore Sun

Baltimore City Councilman and candidate for mayor Nick Mosby calls for the immediate resignation of the city’s Housing Commissioner, Paul T. Graziano.

Meet Nick Mosby, One Half of Baltimore's Young Power Couple

October 31, 2015, NBC News

The man who wants to become Baltimore’s next mayor has always had strong women in his life.

Nick Mosby grew up with six women in his household, including aunts, a sister, and his grandmother. He credits his mother — a single parent who rose every morning at 4:30 a.m. for work — with teaching him everything from how to catch a football to the importance of voting on Election Day.

Now Mosby, a Democratic councilman since 2011, hopes to become the leading man in the struggling city of Baltimore.

'Fresh Face': Can Nick Mosby Change Baltimore?

Nick Mosby on NBC News

October 30, 2015, NBC News

Nick Mosby, husband of Baltimore’s top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, is running for mayor, and says he and his wife are committed to revitalizing the struggling city.

Baltimore Sun Editorial: Baltimore's power couple

October 27, 2015, Baltimore Sun

Mr. Mosby is the first well-known Democrat to enter the primary who has not run for mayor before, and as such, he is pitching himself as a candidate of new ideas on education, law enforcement, poverty, homelessness and government transparency… and Mr. Mosby deserves the chance to make his case.


BALTIMORE, MD (October 25, 2015) — Councilman Nick J. Mosby formally announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Baltimore. Joined by friends and supporters in West Baltimore, Mosby declared his candidacy, stating “I’m running because we need a Mayor with new energy, new ideas, and a commitment to new opportunity for all of our citizens.”

Nick Mosby announces mayoral campaign to crowd in Reservoir Hill

October 25, 2015, Baltimore Sun

Standing in the now-vacant complex dubbed “Murder Mall,” City Councilman Nick J. Mosby billed himself in his official announcement for mayor Sunday as a transformer with new ideas and new energy.

Mosby — who addressed a crowd of about 350 in Reservoir Hill’s former Madison Park North Apartments — spoke about his decision to move into the neighborhood 11 years ago into a firebombed house near where children played “drug dealers and police officers.” He said he and wife, Marilyn J. Mosby, who is now the city’s state’s attorney, wanted to be part of West Baltimore’s rejuvenation.

FULL REMARKS: Councilman Nick Mosby Mayoral Announcement

My name is Nick Mosby. And Baltimore is my home.

It is not just any home. Baltimore is the home that I love. It’s the home that has helped shape me into the person that I am today and it is the home that my wife and I have chosen to raise our daughters.

I grew up in Northeast Baltimore.

I am a proud product of Baltimore public schools. From Harford Heights Elementary and Yorkwood and Chinquapin Middle to the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore has helped turn me into the person that I am today.

Councilman Nick Mosby enters mayoral race

October 24, 2015, Baltimore Sun

City Councilman Nick J. Mosby is joining the race to be Baltimore’s next mayor, saying he can bridge the disconnect between the city’s boardrooms and its street corners.

Mosby, 36, a first-term council member from Reservoir Hill, says his upbringing by a struggling single mother and work experience for two major companies make him uniquely qualified for the job.

Op-Ed: Rebuilding Baltimore City with CitiStat

September 21, 2015, Baltimore Sun

We may live in the era of big data and enhanced applications, but the City of Baltimore is still buying filing cabinets and shuffling paper. Our city government lumbers along, struggling with both complex urban problems, like vacant properties, and small problems, like issuing permits. It does neither well for small businesses or residents, and we must do better to realize our true potential.

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