Nick Mosby

Nick Mosby is a proud native of Baltimore, Maryland. He was raised by his mother in a small three-bedroom house in North East Baltimore with his sister, grandmother, and aunts. Surrounded by strong, hardworking women, he learned early the importance of a good work ethic. His mother worked at the Social Security Administration for over 30 years. She made sure Nick received a good public school education. After graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Nick went on to study Electrical Engineering at Tuskegee University, a historically Black college in Alabama.

When Nick went away to college, he took with him a very important lesson he learned at home and school: none of us can succeed without the help of others. We have a duty to care for one another.

Nick Mosby and FamilyWhile at Tuskegee he found someone who felt the same way and shared his passion for helping others, Marilyn James.

Upon receiving his engineering degree from Tuskegee University, Nick returned home to Baltimore while Marilyn went to Boston to study law. Over the next 10 years Nick worked in the telecommunications industry, supervising large projects involving hundreds of millions of dollars. He was promoted numerous times and oversaw development of Verizon’s storage cloud data centers.

After Marilyn completed law school she joined Nick in Baltimore where they were married in 2005. They bought an abandoned house on an abandoned block in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood, just up the street from one of Baltimore’s most violent housing complexes. Although there were nicer houses in safer neighborhoods, Nick and Marilyn choose to live in West Baltimore because they both felt that was where they could best serve Baltimore.

The home was in such bad shape, Nick could stand on the first floor and see both the sky and the basement floor. Undaunted, Nick and Marilyn fixed up their home and immediately became active in the neighborhood.

Nick and his neighbors worked to rebuild their community, but he and his neighbors felt that the city was failing his community. He knew that he needed to do more. In 2011, Nick unseated a longtime incumbent and was elected to represent the Seventh District on the Baltimore City Council. As a Councilman, he worked with police and community leaders and organized over 50 Enough is Enough Peace Rallies designed to reduce violence and crime in his district. Recognizing the challenges of poor health in the community, Nick partnered with the American Heart Association, nearly 30 personal trainers, fitness organizations, and Y of Central Maryland and started “Get Fit with Councilman Mosby” challenge. Through this campaign, Nick exercised alongside the community and joined constituents for free healthy cooking classes.

He passed a law banning the requirement of criminal records on job applications so reformed offenders can gain honest employment. He also passed a law banning liquor stores from selling merchandise to children. He arranged for the donation of school supplies for thousands of students that he distributes during his annual Back to School Bash. He organized a free trip to the Baltimore Zoo for thousands of West Side children who had never before been to a zoo.

Nick has long fought to get the city to audit its own budget. He believes this is the most effective way to help identify fraud and waste. Hoping to retain community minded families in his district and attract new energy to the neighborhood, he lead anti-litter campaigns and has worked to bring in grocery stores that sell wholesome food to Baltimore’s poorest communities.

During the unrest, Councilman Mosby spent nights in the streets of his community working with both residents and law enforcement to keep the peace. Nick spoke out forcefully that the rioting was the result of years of neglect of Baltimore’s disenfranchised youth and did not hesitate to highlight the social ills that lead to this state. Without the prospect of a good education that every student deserves and with little hope for gainful employment, many Baltimoreans are lead adrift and, unfortunately, fall prey to drugs and crime.

Though the unrest has calmed and cameras have left, Nick’s spirited battle for change and new energy continues. He can be seen on the streets of Baltimore cleaning debris and working with local businesses to reopen their doors. He’s working with officials to get help for those who lost property. He is actively fighting the city to put body cameras on police immediately, something he has championed for years. He will continue to fight against unfair policies and advocate for the best practices that address the root cause of the unrest: poverty and hopelessness.

Building from his own experiences as a father, husband, and member of the community, he knows that a stable job and fair wages make a big difference in the health and happiness of the entire family. That’s why one of Nick’s highest priorities is to bring businesses to Baltimore that will offer gainful employment to its residents. Forward thinking, Nick will bring 21st century solutions to the age-old problems that plague many Baltimoreans. Using the same methods he learned working with Fortune 500 telecom companies, managing 7-figure budgets, navigating City Hall, and hearing directly from his fellow residents, Nick is well suited to make city government more effective.

Councilman Mosby is a man of the people and a man for the people. Raised with strong Christian values by his mother, the late Eunice Orange, Nick is a member of New Psalmist Baptist Church. He is also an active member of the Reservoir Hill Community, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, and board member of Congressmen Elijah Cummings Youth Programs and Baltimore City Community Foundation. He resides in Reservoir Hill and is happily married to the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn Mosby. Together, they are the proud parents of two young daughters.